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Virtual CDU 777

19.7 usd

This is an app for Flight Simulator lovers. You dont need anymore to open a window on your FS to check or input information on FMC using your mouse. You can just do it using your tablet or smartphone connected at your home wi-fi network.It will act as a CDU and will allow you to interact with the FMC on your Flight Simulator. It interfaces with your FS using an application installed on PC, called VAInterface, through wi-fi network. All data related to FMC is displayed on Virtual CDU and touch keyboard inputs are directly sent to FS.
- Supports FSX (SP2 and Steam) and Prepar3D (V1 and V2).
- It is necessary to download the software VAInterface from This software will run on your PC and interface with FSX.
- VAInterface version 2.3 or later is needed.
- For better experience we support only wi-fi network.
- Compatible only with PMDG 777X Version SP1 or later
- New features:
Auto-discovery: no need for communication setup. VCDU777 will find computers IP address automatically.
Improved side keys touch response - easy to touch on side keys even on the smaller screens.